Fabrication of rainbow hologram with NanoMaker  Fabrication of Rainbow Hologram with NanoMaker
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Fabrication of Rainbow Hologram

Fabrication of OVD with NanoMaker

Optical Variable Devices are widely used for the protection of brands, products and official documents (passports, id cards, etc.). One of the most prevalent kind of OVD is rainbow "hologram" for production of which industrial e-beam lithographs were used. Now fabrication of OVD dies (prestamps) is possible with ordinary SEM under NanoMaker control. Special software "RainBow" was recently developed for OVD structures data preparation. RainBow uses special feature of NanoMaker for data compact representation and transfer. RainBow transforms color (bitmap) images into set of diffractive grids to provide illusion of color image at light reflection. It allows also to form reflected images with stereo and dynamic effects. OVD prestamps comprise set of diffractive grids made in resist covered with thin metal layer.

Photos at the right side (Fig. 2a and 2b) give examples of OVD prestamps when two images were written on single rainbow "hologram". The two different images are visible at changing angle of observation (dynamic effect).

  OVD sample 2a
  Fig. 2a A rainbow “hologram” with dynamic effect, image of rose is visible at certain observation angle
OVD Sample 1   OVD Sample 2b
Fig. 1a Design and writing of a several pictures on a single substrate produces effect of cube rotation on the background of textual scenes at changing angle of observation (stereo effect) Fig. 2b The same sample observing at another angle demonstrates different image.
Overview of OVD Sample 1  


Images consist of 400 by 300 complex pixels, each of them comprises set of gratings. Lateral size of the pixel is 50 um and whereby sample's size is 2 cm by 1 cm.

OVD samples were produced at Bessy II using LEO 1560 SEM controlled by NanoMaker. Photos are kindly given by A. Firsov.


More details can be found in the article:
Fabrication of Rainbow Holograms using SEM based e-beam lithography, published in the journal Optics Express, Vol. 22, Issue 23, pp. 28756-28770 (2014)
Fig. 1b Overview of substrate with rainbow hologram in the sunlight  
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